Blue Friend

This page is dedicated to my little blue Friend and his travels over the World.


blue friend at la parva blue friend at huinay refugio
On the summit of Cerro El Pintor at 4.180m At the refugio of the Huinay Station, overlooking the Comau fjord
blue friend at fiordo calvo blue friend at cerro tambor
Hanging out on a little ice berg in Fiordo Calvo, Southern Patagonia (50°41.084′S, 73°47.895′W) On the summit of Cerro Tambor at ca. 2000m, Northern Patagonia (42°23.439′S, 72°22.361′W )


Blue friend at St. Malo Blue friend at Mont St. Michel
Visiting the beach at St. Malo Checking out the famous Mont Saint Michel


Blauer Freund am Lake Erken

Having a relaxed time at lake Erken


Blauer Freund im Schnee


In the snow in Bielefeld At Düsseldorf Airport

Blauer Freund an der Brocker Mühle

Blauer Freund am Kölner Dom

At the “Brocker Mühle” bike meeting At the Kölner Dom


Blauer Freund und die Wissenschaft


Being measured on Caamaño With a tortoise on Sta Cruz

Blauer Freund mit lobi

With sea lion on Caamaño



Lake Louise, Banff NP, Canada


Blue friend having tea

Having tea at Kösters in Tumbaco

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