Here are some illustrations I have done over the years for different persons/projects:


Avian olfaction project

one of my drafts for the logo of the avian olfaction project. It represents the skull of a zebra finch and its brain with the olfactory bulb.


Galápagos Sea Lion Project

the logo I made for the project I did my PhD in. We used it on most official stuff, like stickers for our gear, posters and handouts & printed it on t-shirts.
a “glassy” version I once tried out. But it never actually made it, since the other obviously has its advantages in printing, for example on the t-shirts.


Antarctic Fur Seal Project

antarctic fur seal project
This was for a similar project on the antarctic fur seals by Joe Hoffman.


Department of Evolutionary Biology

for the department of evolutionary biology, that works a lot with grasshoppers, I designed several versions of these animals, intended for the use on webpages and such.
I created this little grasshopper as a more comic-like figure. These were actually my first steps in flash animation.


Graduate Meeting of the DZG

This was the banner for a graduate meeting in Bielefeld University, held by my department. I created the logo to put emphasis on the genetical backgroung of the meeting.


University of Siegen

I was asked to make a design for the new formed groups of the biology department in the University of Siegen. This was for the molecular zoology group.
This was intended for the group of ethology, working on zebrafinches.


Squirrel Flix

Squirrel Flix
the logo made for Squirrel Flix, a small film production project.


Independent / fun stuff

1.FC Elegans
the emblem for a university soccer team, the “1. FC Elegans”, formed mainly by the department of animal ecology wich focuses primarily on work with nematodes (hence the name).
I had a funny idea about having an own motorcylce club called MC Wurstpappe, called after the cardboard utensil used to eat a real westfalian Bratwurst.

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