So some things have happened recently in my life. That’s probably also the reason why I haven’t been very active, posting photos on this page.

The most striking change is the change in job title. So I stopped working as a research assistant for the Fundación Huinay. 3 and a half year was a long time and the new challenges had grown less and less.
This fact combined with a change in the directory of the foundation put me now as head of administration of the station.
Therefor I am now in charge, less of the scientific part, but more of the responability that the whole place keeps running properly. That’s definitely a new challenge. I have to fight with new things I haven’t dealt with before and that’s, I guess, what makes life interesting.
Having moved into a bigger house in Huinay and having a different work rhythm and style, including more spontaneous excursions to the ‘big city’ also changed a lot for me. But for now I like all the changes and are happy to take this new step in my life!

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