Dive expedition HF24 – Golfo de Penas

Ok, it has been a while. In April we went on expedition again with the staff of the Huinay Research Station. This time we went even further, to fill the gaps on our map of Chilean Patagonia. One gap was in the Golfo de Penas region and that had it’s reason. The area is really tricky to get to and the weather is really bad most of the year. But with the crew from our favorite sailboat Saoirse, we managed to have an amazing trip, full of diving success and surprisingly good navigational conditions! We took many samples again, and also did something new, doing transect dives throughout en entire West-East section of fjords, taking us from the outer exposed coast, all the way into the fjords, very close tho the Patagonian ice fields. And yes, trust me the water was cold, but the worst is actually that you don’t see much diving close to glaciers, due to the high amount of silt floating in the water.
This is my favorite picture from our dives on the trip. It’s not only pretty in itself, but you really have to enlargen it and look in detail, because there is soooo many things to see. That’s also the reaso why I uploaded a larger version than usual. So please click on it!


–> click on image for larger versions

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