Waking up in the sky


This was probably one of the coolest things I have done in a while!
Ok, so I had to take free days at some point this month… but with imminent expedition and lots to do, and waning summer, I decided to stay in Huinay and go up our “hill”. But his time I wanted to take my tent up, go past the “refugio” at 800m and stay at least one night up there, taking advantage of a couple of good days ahead.
And so I did ;)
I started afternoon Tuesday and spent a night in the refugio. Next morning I packed my gear and started the climb slowly but steadily uphill. Having left the tree limit soon, I had to decide whether to go left or right, since I didn’t want to go to the summit (again ;) ). I decided to go left, going by the little Northern lagoon.


From there I could see the pinnacles in the back and my goal was quickly found.
On the ridge, reaching out from the summit to North-East, there are three big towering pinnacles. After a long hike with my heavy backpack, I finally came to the first of them, where I decided to stay the night.


After I while I even found a “flat” spot to put my tent, in between little patches of frozen snow, that provided my water supply.


From there on I just had to sit back and enjoy the wonders of nature. Like this sun set! (please view this in LARGE!!!)


In the morning I woke up with the full moon hanging over this blanket of clouds,


reaching all the way to volcán Osorno.


Looking over the ridge, between the summit and the pinnacle, I could see the sun slowly rising over the far Argentinean Andes.


And then the world was painted in orange for a while ;)



I took me a long time to fully take everything in. The solitude, the view, the vastness, the beauty of nature… Unfortunately you would need a computer screen some thousand kilometers wide to view the pictures in a good way. But I hope to share a little of that awesomeness I was confronted with, and which made me a bit more happier inside :D

–> click on images for larger versions

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