On the road!

Wow wow wow!!!
I finally am reallllllly happy, riding my motorcycle! Boy that was an amazing trip today!

I left Santiago about 11 and soon left the main highway North to ride the much nicer parallel routes east from it, higher in the mountains. They guys from the rental had given me some hints were I could find some good off-road alternatives to the carretera. And WOW! It was worth every little meter. With my small off-road experience it took me a bit to get used to the sand and gravel pits. Especially because the first bit was one of the hardest. But after a while it went really smooth. So I enjoyed the amazing scenery while making my way North.


Around 17:30 I came by the Chinchilla Park and made a decision that gave me a little adventure further on.


I decided to do the last ca. 80km also off-road, through a copper mining area, despite the shortly imminent sunset. I found out that it was gonna take me longer then expected when it started to get dark on me and I wasn’t even halfway though. And then, due to the dusk and a malpositioned street sign I went by a path that ended in a totally dead ended mine area….
Luckily I found two fellows, living there in two containers.


They had their little generator on, to have some light, and shared a cup of warm tea and some stories with me. After they had told me how I had to get out of that area, I went back on my bike and drove through pitch black night on very lose gravel. On the way I scared some rabbits, foxes, goats and other critters and finally made it back to the carretera that brought me to my destination for the day. Thus I’m lying now on a comfy bed and eating a bag of mandarinas I bought on the road and am extremely happy and tired.

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