Vacations going on

Ok, I haven’t written about the ongoings of my vacations. But I guess that’s always a good sign, isn’t it?
Since I came to Santiago, after giving up my dream of a long bike tour, I’ve had nice little events that made up a nice time overall.
At first I went on a quick spontaneous snowboard day trip to the close by skiing area ‘el colorado’. It was a nice day of workout in an awsome landscape.


Then last weekend I finally did some hiking and wild camping. First I left with parts of my family and many friends to a nearby national park. After a long day of walking everybody left me alone in the park, where I slept 3 nights in the tent.


Everyday filled with lots of nice walking and picture taking in the somehow surrealistic but breathtaking landscape with scattered endemic Chilean palmtrees everywhere.


And now it finally looks like I’m actually going to do some bike riding after all! Yesterday I rented a Kawa KLR650 for 3 days, from Monday on!! I’ll do a nice ‘short’ trip up North to the Elqui Valley, home of the Chilean Pisco ;)
I’m so exited! I hope the brakes  don’t quit on me, hahahaha.

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