No pasa na’

Oh man… I don’t know what I did to deserve this ;) little things keep coming up and are delaying me day by day. This trip has turned in to a zen school of patience.
Now while putting the finished brakes together, they found a broken seal on the front brake lever. No worries, just a little, quick thing. But because they waited until last, they didn’t have the replacement, … oh and it’s a national holiday now… so yet another day goes by… waiting waiting waiting.

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2 Responses to No pasa na’

  1. ginni says:

    patience is a virtue! :-D something great awaits especially for the brakes! ;-) have fun!!!hehehheh

    • Ulo says:

      Well, actually no ;) after so many hints, kicks and punches from karma, fait and the universe I decided it’s best to quit the bike trip… ;)

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