Waterfall startrail

With all the trouble of the server certificates, I totally forgot to upload my last startrail test. I made it a while ago at the refugio on the “cerro tambor”. This time I faced the camera southward to get a more circular effect. Hope you like it.

refugio startrail 03

–> click on image for larger version

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One Response to Waterfall startrail

  1. Paolo Piedrahita says:

    Hola amigo,
    Chevere el efecto de la foto!, me gusta.
    Te escribia una carta hoy, pero claro no me fije que tu correo electronico de la uni no funca mas! asi que obtuve mi carta de regreso, jejeje.
    Tienes otra direccion de correo electronico? Buscandote en el internet llegue a este blog tuyo! cheveres tus fotos Ulo.
    Muchos abrazos amigo!

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