Sorry people, but I really am having trouble to keep this blog updated. Somehow me computers down here have trouble with some certificate of the server… any way. It’s still great here in Huinay and we are having amazing groups as visitors in the last months. Summer is great in that concern. Also we are finally in the last stages of preparing for our large expedition to the south (yes, even more). In April we are all leaving to Madre de Dios, a group of islands in a very southern and exposed environment. Lets see what the upcoming autumn brings us down there. It is truly going to be an adventure. I can’t wait to go diving there!!

Meanwhile I provide you with a picture of another pudu, which arrived at our beach, after swimming quite a stretch. They obviously do that to escape from predators.


–> click on image for large version

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One Response to Pudú

  1. Annika says:

    Na endlich der Schorschi ;-) ! Hach immer noch schön der Kleine mit seinen Schaschlikspießen auf dem Kopf…schwärm.

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