Pitio (Colaptes pitius)


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5 lead turk’s head knot

When you are looking for nicely pictured instructions to make a certain knot, but you can’t find it on the internet, so you have to draw your own….

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Ok, I know people might find this creepy, but I just think these animals look amazing. Was looking a while for one of them to have a little photoshoot.

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So some things have happened recently in my life. That’s probably also the reason why I haven’t been very active, posting photos on this page.

The most striking change is the change in job title. So I stopped working as a research assistant for the Fundación Huinay. 3 and a half year was a long time and the new challenges had grown less and less.
This fact combined with a change in the directory of the foundation put me now as head of administration of the station.
Therefor I am now in charge, less of the scientific part, but more of the responability that the whole place keeps running properly. That’s definitely a new challenge. I have to fight with new things I haven’t dealt with before and that’s, I guess, what makes life interesting.
Having moved into a bigger house in Huinay and having a different work rhythm and style, including more spontaneous excursions to the ‘big city’ also changed a lot for me. But for now I like all the changes and are happy to take this new step in my life!

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UP. fragile ;-)


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Dive expedition HF24 – Golfo de Penas

Ok, it has been a while. In April we went on expedition again with the staff of the Huinay Research Station. This time we went even further, to fill the gaps on our map of Chilean Patagonia. One gap was in the Golfo de Penas region and that had it’s reason. The area is really tricky to get to and the weather is really bad most of the year. But with the crew from our favorite sailboat Saoirse, we managed to have an amazing trip, full of diving success and surprisingly good navigational conditions! We took many samples again, and also did something new, doing transect dives throughout en entire West-East section of fjords, taking us from the outer exposed coast, all the way into the fjords, very close tho the Patagonian ice fields. And yes, trust me the water was cold, but the worst is actually that you don’t see much diving close to glaciers, due to the high amount of silt floating in the water.
This is my favorite picture from our dives on the trip. It’s not only pretty in itself, but you really have to enlargen it and look in detail, because there is soooo many things to see. That’s also the reaso why I uploaded a larger version than usual. So please click on it!


–> click on image for larger versions

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Sea Anemones

Here is a little compilation of anemones from our last underwater expedition. Unfortunately I don’t really have time to take “good pictures”, because we are actually working while diving ;) We do make a complete census of the full benthic invertebrate community. Since many years these expeditions add more and more data to the knowledge about the huge ford zone of the Chilean Patagonia.
These pictures are part of the sampling or recording process of the species we find. Many of them are known. But is is rather common to find new species here in the region, of basically every taxon. Since my boss is an anemone specialist, I obviously get to see a lot of them ;)


–> click on image for larger versions

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Carpintero negro in Huinay

Carpintero negro (Campephilus magellanicus)

Carpintero negro

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Vacations… more pictures

Ok ok…. so I fixed a couple more photos of my trip ;)

My camp site at Chañaral de Aceituno:

carpa chanaral

And Isla Chañaral in the background. Its a natural reserve, with an amazing amount of wildlife.

isla chañaral

A friendly chungungo (sea otter), having Dinner on a rock while watching the sunset:


A pilpilén (blackish oystercatcher) on the beach of Caleta Hornos:


Some bandurrias (black-faced ibis) flying to their nights rest site.


A nightly view of the Caleta Hornos:


Sunset at Punta Choros:


–> click on images for larger versions

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So I had a couple of vacation days and took off to the more Northern regions of Chile, to get away from the rain and darkness that has been embracing my home for the last winter months.

The trip took me to the beaches of the IV and III región, Caleta Hornos, Pta. Choros and Chañaral de Aceituno. Really nice beaches, though the first, being too close to Serena and Coquimbo is extremely covered in trash…. :(

It was really great to just hang out, explore the beaches and rocky intertidals, fly my kite, remember my days in Galápagos while taking ‘showers’ in the salt water, and mostly DO NOTHING :D

Here are some representative pictures:

carpa choros

olas choros

zorro choros

–> click on images for larger versions

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